Charlotte Heating Installation Service

Are you looking for reliable heating services for your home's heating equipment in Charlotte, NC? If you've noticed your heating unit working inefficiently or heating bills rising unexpectedly, now's the time to book an appointment. Contact Brothers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing today to schedule service.

Signs Your Heating System Needs to be Replaced

Hot water furnace

Common signs that you need to book a heating installation in Charlotte, NC include:

Strange noises

If you hear clunking or your ducts make strange noises when the HVAC is switched on, it needs to be inspected by an engineer.

Odd smells

Strange smells in your home could be the result of a blocked or dirty furnace. This can lead to carbon monoxide release, which is lethal. While carbon monoxide is odorless, it can accompany more noticeable smells.

Rising energy bills

Energy bills rising inexplicably? Old units require more energy to achieve the level of heating or cooling they're meant to. It might be time for a replacement.

You don't know when it was installed

A well-installed, well-maintained unit can last for many years. If you've just moved into a new property and you don't know the age of your system that's not performing well or you can't remember the last time it was serviced, it's time to get help. You should immediately book an inspection and find out if it needs to be replaced.

We're experts in all types of furnace replacement and heating installation service across the entire Charlotte community. Get in touch today to book an inspection.

Types of Heating Systems We Can Install

Here are some of our most popular options.

Gas furnaces

Gas furnaces are an enduring favorite for heating a home. They're reliable, easy to maintain, and powerful.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are considered an environmentally-friendly alternative to a gas furnace. It transfers energy between the outdoor and indoor environment, regulating your home's temperature.

Packaged gas & electric units

These are installed outside. They're very easy to inspect and maintain and are an energy-efficient way to heat and cool your property.

Packaged heat pumps

Similar to a conventional heat pump, it combines all elements of the heating and cooling system in one location.

Hybrid heating systems

Hybrid systems use a variety of techniques to provide variable heating & cooling. They're often preferred for bespoke installations and new properties.

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What Is the Best Time of Year to Install a New Heating System?

The best time of year to contact a heating installation service is simply when you realize that your old system isn't working properly. You could prioritize summer. After all, you don't want to go without cooling. Alternatively, you could aim for winter because you're concerned about freezing temperatures. The truth is, you shouldn't be without a high-quality HVAC unit at any time of year.

Realizing that you need a new HVAC system installed isn't a seasonal concern. Get it done as soon as possible – old systems are inefficient and can even be dangerous if they've not been checked.

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Heating Installation Company?

A good-quality heating installation service can source the best system for your property. The installation will be quick, efficient, and covered by the company's insurance. You'll also be able to arrange a care plan – scheduling regular inspections and maintenance will extend your unit's lifespan.

Whether you need a new unit installed or you want to find out what's up with your existing HVAC system, the Brothers team has seen it all – and we offer the best solutions. Call now to schedule service.